Inter-American Development Bank

IDB’s Agrimonitor, the Producer Support Estimates (PSE) country-level database for Latin American and Caribbean countries, enables policy makers and policy analysts to track agricultural policies and to measure the level and analyze the composition of the support to agriculture.

PSE indicators related to magnitudes and composition help to better describe and address the key challenges facing agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean in the coming decade in areas such as competitiveness, food security, climate change and market integration.


It is constantly being updated.

The PSE approach follows the OECD framework in order to allow comparability between countries. The methodology is currently used by 39 OECD members and emerging economies to monitor agricultural policies, including Mexico, Brazil and Chile (OECD-3). The comparability of these policy indicators and their potential in modeling make them particularly valuable for those countries and for the region. The OECD PSE and related indicators’ conceptual model is based on supply/demand interactions among farmers, consumers and taxpayers in the economy in order to measure incentives or transfers (support)/disincentive for the agricultural sector and assess their underlying factors.