Shared Approaches

to measure

the agricultural policy environment


to explore the opportunities

for linking organisations’ respective efforts

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to discuss common methodological issues,

data availability, and

requirements for taking new work forward

methods and approaches,

Comparable policy indicators


the likely nature of collaboration

Policy Measurement Network

The International Organisations Consortium for Measuring the Policy Environment for Agriculture aims to create a community of practice, to provide a harmonized and consolidated database, and to provide a forum for discussion aimed at raising the quality and coverage of the available measures. The goals of the consortium include maintaining the autonomy and ensuring the consistency of each International Organization’s (IO) role with its mandate, creating a collaborative approach for database, with a clear recognition of Intellectual Property Rights.


Featured Indicator

Nominal Rate of Protection

The Nominal Rate of Protection measures the extent to which a set of agricultural policies affects the market price of a commodity. It is computed as the price difference, expressed as a percentage, between the farm gate price received by producers and an undistorted reference price at the farm gate level.